Shall I start on Lingq

As the title suggests I am currently working my way through my Assimil Spanish With ease course but should I start on LingQ already?

I have only been using the course for 2 weeks and yes I am getting better with my Spanish but would my learning be excelled joining Lingq and to start building up my vocab.

Any advise or suggestions would be great


No. Mine the starter book/course for material while reading about what you’re reading. In other words, your “how to” book.

I haven’t used Assimil before, but I would finish the learner material before going to LingQ. Maybe approach it from a few directions: assimil, teach yourself, some other text. After that initial 2-3 months (assuming an 1-1.5 hrs a day), hit up the lingq spanish library or import your own “authentic content.”

From then on, you’ll just go back to the learner stuff to refresh on grammar, clarify a point, or help you “notice” what’s going on in the language. You can also google for specific issues you are having.

Thanks for the response, I am also thinking of going full immersion mode, changing every I read and listen to into spanish my phone, youtube, films with English subtitles etc etc

“would my learning be excelled joining Lingq and to start building up my vocab.” I think that yes. Give it a shot.

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I tried Teach Yourself for German, and honestly… it just bored me. I know that Assimil has probably more interesting stories but still. I love learning here at Lingq so I am using it as my only resource while learning French. I wouldn’t say that my French is any good but getting through news articles or lessons is more satisfying when I can track my progress.

I have found out that the mobile version of Lingq is very bad so i think I will be sitcking with my Assimil when I am not at home

That can be fun for motivation or making yourself “rely” more on your Spanish. The idea of changing your phone and Facebook language is cool. I did that years ago when I read Benny Lewis’s “Language Hacking Guide.”

Lingq is a learning platform first and a content provider second. You can use it straight away and it will speed up your learning. It’s basically a way to take a note of what you’re learning. Assimil is just a text and a learning method. The method laid out in Assimil is very similar to Lingq but less effective. It’s a bit like comparing paper flashcards versus ones made on a computer in say Anki.

If you really like the Assimil texts I suggest you load them into Lingq along with the audio to study. That way you can get the best of both worlds. However, I think personally Lingq has a lot of good enough texts already.

Lingq basically ties all your learning together. It currently fills the function that Anki used to do (and still does for Chinese), which is keeping a note of everything that I’ve learnt.

Lingq basically takes away a lot of the admin work when learning a language (i.e. opening your mp3 player, finding the right learning book, finding the dictionary and pen). It’s such a powerful and portable tool and it takes a little time to realise that lingq can happily take up 90% or more of your productive time spent engaged in a language.

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great response I think I am gonna change my learning routine to fit around more lingq I had a little go last night for an hour and it was actually quite good breaking down the sentences and learning new words bit by bit give me 6 months I like to think I will be at a pretty good level!

@jonesjack - Which mobile app were you struggling with? Android or iOS? I must say I don’t find either bad although the Android is lagging the iOS.

android I installed it the other day and it is very poor compared to the online site, I was not even able to highlight group words to find out what the sentence translated to in my target language I uninstalled it almost straight away.

Did you tap and hold to select and then extend the selection? You should be able to look up phrases. The selection process works just like any other highlighting on Android. Then, you select the button to create a LingQ at the top of the screen.

We are working on our new Android app, version 4.0. It should be ready by the end of the month, we hope! It is available in beta right now if you are interested. It is largely working including phrase LingQing. If you want to use the new beta app, email support at Lingq dot com and Zoran will give you access.

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