Sexiest language

I know there is never going to be a definitive answer here, but, interested in hearing people’s views on what they think is the sexiest language?

My own view: Korean.

I can’t speak it, but it just sounds so cool to listen to.

This is a fun reference:

If you do not speak Korean but are familiar with the language, how does it sound like?

Let’s say, to me(as a native speaker of Korean),
French sounds sexy, feminine and twangy.
German sounds masculine and firm.
Italian sounds optimistic and exaggerating.
Japanese sounds kind of feminine and reserved.
Chinese sounds kind of loud and distracting.

Those are my general impression on other languages.

So if you are not a Korean speaker, how does Korean sound like to your ears?

Beautiful. When I first heard Korean I fell in love with it. To me it sounds smooth and melodious, just like French. The exception, though, is when they argue but even so, to me, it sounds pretty.


Well that would be Yiddish influenced New Zealand English, of course. (What my wife speaks…)

I would definitely go for Russian!

Русский - прoсто красивый язык. Я сразу влюбился в нeгo…

Latin America is a very sexy region. Would a well spoken beautiful latino/latina be any less beautiful if they spoke a different language?
They answer is yes. They would be less sexy.
Spain is also sexy.

Brazilians are the sexiest Latin Americans, but Portuguese is too… rough, it’s almost Slavic. But certainty sexy in it’s own right.

I like Hungarian very much… but to my ears Russian is very sexy, that’s for sure :wink:

For sexyness, it totally depends on who’s talking. For me, from the mouth of the right person, Russian and Hungarian are coolest sounding.

Hungarian: An even syllable-rhythm punctuated by occasional long vowels and double consonants, makes it sound ace.
Russian: I like the balance of brittle and soft sounds; there’s hard edges but also really peaceful sounding combinations.


Listening to a woman (forehead ridges optional) furiously spouting out a stream of guttural, raw, primal, and aggressive syllables right before she punches you in the face a claws a gash into your shoulder is the biggest turn on that could ever exist…

Sounds just like the average mother-in-law, Odiernod.

(Not a turn on, though…! :-0)

Russian, all the way :slight_smile: Although German can be really attractive too, IMHO…

@Vincent: У нас то и самое мнение :slight_smile:

The sexiest language in Suzhou.

Russian is nice… German is not.
I don’t think Finnish is “sexy”. It’s probably too associated with non-sexy things for me.

I vote for Japanese! :slight_smile: