Several languages when using dic


Would it be possible to integrate more than one language in the dictionary? It would be a huge advantage to see the translation in more than one language at the time.



@sindremoen - Actually, you can add dictionaries in other languages. On the right hand dashboard click the Check Dictionaries& Resources drop down => select Edit dictionary settings. You can click available dictionaries using a language drop down. So you can add dictionaries in different languages. Please let me know if it makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I can’t seem to find it though. Where are the dashboard settings located?


When you create your next link, look for the “Check Dictionaries…” near the middle or top right of the widget.

Thanks for the reply. However, it looks like changing the settings (adding another language) does not affect my dictionary at all.

Any good ideas?

Thanks a lot

Whenever I see multiple hints for my chosen LingQ it simply means that, say, Japanese or Brazilian or Russian members are also studying French (or whatever language I am working on) and have created LingQs in their native language.

I used to have my source (the primary one) as Babylon when I had English as my primary language, sometimes I change my language - at the moment I am displaying the German flag - on my widgets and German translations appear, rather than English ones.

For each LingQ I can choose which dictionaries I want to provide the translation if I am not happy with the first suggestion offered.

(This is all I know about dictionaries - you have already figured out how to add another one.)

P.S. Do I understand you correctly: do you want to have two or more dictionaries offering choices for the same word at the same time, ie multiple sources and multiple displays?

@sindremoen - do you want to create hints in different languages, or do you want to see translations for the same term in different language dictionaries? Please see the screenshot: 2014-06-30_1009