Settings being reset without asking

I’ve had this twice now, a week or two apart. For some reason today, and the time before, when I started my session it was treating me like a newbie - ‘helpful’ boxes kept popping up to tell me how to make lingqs, what the blue and yellow shadings mean, etc. It’s like the website thinks this is my first time using LingQ, despite me having had my account for a month or so now and having used it every day. The ‘auto play text-to-speech’, which I always have off, turns itself back on when this happens, so clearly for some reason my account is just being reset - although my streak and existing lingqs remain. Has anyone else had this? It’s incredibly annoying, but is just part of the general functionality issues the site has.

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Your settings are saved in cookies. If you have any program installed on your device that automatically clears your cache and cookies each time you restart the browser, that is why your settings reset too.

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Thanks for your response. That makes sense, but it only happens for LingQ - I don’t regularly delete my cookies or cache, and no other sites show any signs of this whenever it happens. It’s very much specific to this site.

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Update - it’s happened again, and my settings are fine. It’s LingQ.

Which browser are you using and on what OS? I know that LingQ has a problem with Safari on Mac not holding onto settings. I switched over to using Chrome just for LingQ and I haven’t had any issues since then.

Settings aren’t saved in cookies on all websites, but they are on LingQ. So to prevent that to happen you need to avoid deleting browser’s cookies. That’s the only way at the moment,

Yeah I’m not doing that though. This is specifically a problem with LingQ.

This sounds like it could be it, but I’m on Chrome on Mac Sierra (10.12). I can try updating I guess

@cbowen2 let me know if updating helped. If not, I’ll ask our developers to check what could be the problem.