Server error when searching for my imported courses in the library

Clicking on “My Imports” in the library when courses are selected leads to a server error:

Here is how you get the error:
Click on Library. Select courses. Select “My Imports” > after waiting a long, long time occours this server error:

Error 524 Ray ID: 1e27781d24d10f45 • 2015-05-06 20:36:41 UTC
A timeout occurred

Hi Vera,
I’ve just tried to reproduce this issue and I wasn’t able. Page loads fine for me, and everything seems to work fine. Do you still have this issue? If you do, which browser are you using and does it help if you try another browser?

Hi there, I want to ask why am I not getting more Lingqs if I invite more people, is there a limit for that? I just want to know, because I invited 20 people, now my limit is 2000, and I am not getting more Lingqs if I invite more guys.

Unfortunately, limit for free LingQs received for inviting friends is 2000.
You will also receive referral points each month that your referral’s accounts are upgraded to Basic, Plus or Premium membership. The points for referrals are sent out once a month towards the beginning of the month.