Sentences disappear suddenly

There is a bug I have just discovered. I created a lesson (by copying and pasting from a website). In the new lesson, some phrases disappear suddenly. When I change to “sentence mode” the following error message appears:

“Something went wrong
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘find’)”

It is a very irritating bug which prevents me from working on the lesson. Do you know this problem?

Hi Matthias,

Could you perhaps provide the website you got the text from? Are you saying that the text originally appeared in the lesson, but later disappeared?


Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, the text appeared in the lesson and when I clicked on it to create a LingQ, the phrase disappeared and could only be brought back by closing the lesson and reopening it. That happend several times.

I imported the text from the New York Times (copy and paste, maybe I should have used the LingQ browser extension to avoid the bug). Full Transcript of Biden’s State of the Union Address - The New York Times

I will try to import the text anew. Maybe the file is broken somehow.

Hi Matthias,

I don’t see any errors with this lesson ,but let me know if upon reimporting the issue comes back.

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Thank you for your answer. I imported the lesson again, this time only the text. Now I didn’t have any problem (before I also imported the pictures which seems to be possible now but might
cause problems).