Sentence View Issue

How do I get sentence view to display actual sentences instead of randomly displaying phrases?

Sentence view shows the text however it is split up when created. If a user has split a text a certain way before sharing or, in the case of songs, which don’t have sentences but which are often split up into lines anyway, our sentence view shows the separated parts. If it’s your own imported lesson, you can go in and adjust the sentence end points.

Great thanks for your reply. Now can you tell me when it’s your own imported lesson how do you adjust the sentence end points. Thanks

Click to edit your lesson, then click the Show/Hide Sentences button and add/edit the red sentence timestamp markers you see. Click Save when you’re done. If you have audio, you can input timestamps to get the sentence audio to play in Sentence Mode.

If you “edit lesson”. There is a button “show/hide sentences”. It will show you where the “sentence endings” are. These don’t necessarily coincide with the actual end of a sentence depending on how the source formatted the text. So you might have half a sentence, or even more than one sentence being considered as “a sentence”. Mark is suggesting manually adding/rearranging the timestamps in that view (if you don’t have audio synched up they’ll just show as [00:00] .

It’s been awhile, but if I’m not mistaken you can also simply click the “Resplit Text” button in that same “Edit Lesson” view and it should better grab end of sentences (YMMV). However, this might mess up the timings of any audio synch you might have if you imported a youtube video for example. I’m not 100% sure on that. If so, you can go to the “clips” tab and click “generate audio timestamps” button.

Ultimately, if the formatting is still messed up a bit, you may have to copy the text to a text editor like Notepad++ and adjust it. A lot of imports subtitles from youtube tend to have the this issue with not full sentences showing. There are probably extraneous end of line markers (carriage returns and/or line feeds). SOmething like Notepad++ can help remove these.