Sentence view failure

When I use sentence view for the first time in a lesson, I cannot view another sentence. With each sentence that I try, I only see the first sentence over and over. Is there something that will clear the first one?

That’s very strange. Are you using app or website version? Are you saying that you are unable to move between sentences when you are in the sentence mode? What happens when you click on the green arrow to move further?

It is strange, like when you take your car in for a problem that they can’t find, everything works as it should. Maybe I just need to refresh the page or the lesson or the import that I’m using. Thanks for the reply.

Is there a difference between the app and the website version? I renew my subscription every year. And I don’t see a green arrow anywhere.

On the app version, you just need to swipe the screen left to move on to the next page. On the website, you do that by clicking on the arrow button.