Sentence view different in IOS to PC

When I play a Youtube video on my iphone in sentence mode, the video plays so I can see the people saying the words in that sentence then it stops. However, on my PC I cannot get the same result, I can play the video but it doesn’t pause on each sentence. Hope that makes sense. Is there a setting I can change, so I can get the same effect on my PC as I do on my iphone?

It happens to me the same. I think on PC is not implemented. Notice on ipad or phone version you have a play simbol sign with a turtle simbol attached, as for PC is a speaker symbol only. I myself asked to Zoran recently , he said he would look into it, as it coul be only me having this issue. But i am qite sure that is not yet implemented to PC version. I consider this is a big disadvantage for most of the time PC users. It took me a lot of search to find your post and realize it is not only me that have a setup issue. It is not like that, simply that fuction is not yet implemented. Maybe Zoran could give us some support and clarify this. Thanks.

Yes, at the moment it’s different on the web version. We’ll do our best to have it implemented there as soon as possible.

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Thanks for your response Zoran.

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Thank you so much for solving and enhancing this. I am so happy. I see in firefox works much better than in chrome. I mean the frame is larger.