Sentence (true or false)

i have 3 sentence, and i so confused with this exercise

  1. if she BORROWS your coat, then you SHOULD BE ABLE to borrow her.
    what is wrong? borrows or should be able? and what i supposed to replace the incorrect word???

  2. he couldn’t GAVE ME a reason, FOR WHAT he DID

  3. he isn’t DRIVING to THE convention IN MARCH, and NEITHER THEY ARE

Whats wrong with these three sentence??
please explain to me
thanks before :wink:

Hi. I will type any changes I make in capitals.

  1. If she BORROWED your coat, then you should be able to borrow HERS.
    -‘borrows’ is also fine, but only if she has not borrowed it yet.

  2. He couldn’t GIVE me a reason for what he did.
    -the comma is unnecessary.

  3. He isn’t driving to the convention in March, and neither ARE THEY.
    -the comma is optional.

I hope this helps, I’m not quite sure what they want you to do in this exercise.