Sentence Translations Not Showing Up

This has suddenly occurred for me (since yesterday) on both web version and the app. “Unable to translate sentence”. Dictionary language is set to English. Study language is Mandarin. Any help appreciated, thanks.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

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Hello i am still having this issue. On sentence mode the translation is not Working and When i play the speech it Starts correctly ie the first Word of the sentence but does not stop. Just carries on With the next sentence and the one after that.
thanks for the help

@leecaswell Please make sure that you have the latest app version installed.

thanks for the reply. I have version 5.2.4 which I believe is the latest. Also this issue is also appearing on the web version


Have found the issue. I am learning french, and when translating french to english it was just showing the sentence again in french. I have found that in my setting (reader) the dictionaries were french then english - I have switched them around and now seems to be working. At least in the web version, will check the Ipad later.

Great, glad to hear you figured it out.

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