Sentence review audio bar request

I‘d like to make a suggestion for a feature, that I believe would be of great help to everyone using shadowing techniques whilst reading in sentence mode like me. In the sentence review exercise, where you can speak yourself, the sentences are often just too darn long, if you read something like a novel, to actually effectively listen for the pronunciation, and trying to mimic it in big chunks becomes a hassle. It would be great, if I could not only play the audio of the whole sentence through a button again and again or go back 5 seconds, but if there was an audio bar so I could get back to a part, that was particularly hard to understand and mimic. That way i wouldn’t have to sit there so long waiting for the section to come and play again. Don’t know if this request has already been made, but I just had the thought I can’t be the only one using this feature of LingQ for shadowing.

Thanks for your feedback. We will see what we can do.