Sentence-only mode: last sentence playback widget bug (chrome)

Howdy. I hope I can explain this bug well. I encounter this bug in Chrome for windows. I also use the android app, but not enough to have noticed if this bug occurs there or not.

This is for “sentence only” mode, when I get to the last sentence of a lesson. This is specifically for lessons where the native audio is played in “sentence only” mode (not text-to-speech). For reference, I encounter this in the Russian “Who is she?” lessons.

When I click the play button on the last sentence in “sentence only” mode, it plays the audio and goes into “play audio mode” (the triangle “play” button turns into the two-vertical-line “pause” button). After the audio clip for the sentence is done playing, the “pause” button doesn’t turn back into a “play” button. So I have to click the “pause” button (which turns it into a “play” button) and then click the “play” button again to listen to the audio again. In other words, on the last sentence of a lesson, I have to click twice to get the audio to repeat.

There is also some weirdness with the “a” hotkey to replay the sentence. I haven’t been able to do it consistently, but sometimes when I try to replay the last sentence of a lesson in sentence-only mode, it will play the audio file for the entire lesson from the beginning. I can’t consistently reproduce this, so I think it’s much lower priority, but I would like to see a fix for replaying the last sentence of a lesson.

Hope that made sense. Let me know if you need clarification or screenshots, etc.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Would you be able to take a screen recording and sent it to support(at)lingq,com? Thanks

Hi, First do a restart of your computer. I said you , something similar it happen to me with sound. Second, try to change in edit from lesson. In ‘‘Clips’’ you will find all sentences there and you can try to ‘‘Resplit Text’’. If the lesson isn’t of yours, you can make only change in ‘‘Mark end of sentence’’. Maybe it can help you.