Sentence mode not working

Dear Lingq-Team,

I really appreciate your service, Lingq is a great tool.
Sadly I struggled a bit in the last couple of days. I am importing podcasts with audio. The following problems occured:

  1. Sentence mode is not working on the recently imported lessons. The sentences are not recognized individually.
  2. The automatic lesson splitting (if the imported text is too long) did not work either. There was a note coming up that they had to be splitted.(the usual one) But they were not. See the (1) in the picture but only one lesson each.
  3. And that probably all leads to the missing “Generate audio timestamps”-buttons which does not occur for all my newly imported lessons since a few days ago, too.

Hopefully I managed to describe my problem well enough. I hope you can help to fix it quickly. I included the pictures down below to “describe” my problem clearer.
Thanks in advance for all your effort.

Warm wishes,

We are working on the issue with “Generate Timestamps” button not appearing and we will hopefully have it fixed soon. I am waiting for confirmation from our developers.
However, you should still be able to split sentences. Can you send me url of that lesson to support(at) I’d like to take a look.