Sentence mode not working on PC Browser

Hi, sentence mode does not work properly on any browsers I tried on my PC (It used to). So I don’t see any option to translate the target language sentence to my native language or some of the prior review options like pronunciation checking ,nor the sentence formation exercises done by dragging blocks. I sometimes use extensions like Chinese Word Separator to display pinyin over Chinese characters and don’t know if this is interfering. How can sentence mode and its translation function be properly restored? Thanks.

Edit: It works for some lessons but not others for some reason.

Update: If the lesson has a Youtube video attached you can just click the minimize video button, the two arrows pointing towards each other, and then you can see the sentence translation option and additional review options. Problem solved for me.

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This also suddenly happened with me. It was working well but suddenly I can’t see the button to translate the sentence automatically by Google.I hope somebody could help us out.


it appears that this this is the new “word translations always visible” breaking scrolling of the main window in the sentence mode.

lots of things to complain about this new “improvement” :wink:

already reported this several days ago.

zooming out/making main font smaller “fixes” things - the “translation” links simply needs to be visible under the text without scrolling (because scrolling is broken, as mentioned above.)

We are investigating the issue, thanks for reporting.