Sentence mode is whole story, translate sentence translates only the first sentence of story

in some Greek stories, when I use sentence mode, it gives me all of the sentences in the story. Then when I click translate sentence it only translates the first of those sentences. How do I get a translation of the other sentences? This has happened in several different stories.

Are you referring to the Mini Stories course?

no, this is a story in a section, beginning high, called Genuine Greek. The story I am now trying to do is παυλοπέτρι, a piece about an archeological underwater city, looks interesting, but I notice that when I know all the words, I sometimes miss the sense of the sentences, so I would really love to see the translation.

in my first post, I meant that, in sentence mode it lists out the whole story, not just one sentence, followed by the translate sentence prompt which I click and then it only translates the first sentence

Hello Jean,

It seems this particular lesson contains only one sentence. This is very unusual (the user who imported this lesson must have decided to make it this way) and just about all other content in the Greek library should be correctly divided into many sentences and paragraphs. This can be seen in the other lessons in that course.

well, sort of. There are lots of periods/full stops in the story