Sentence Mode generating robot translator voice

The Sentence Mode seems to be generating sentences using the robot translator voice, instead of segmenting the existing lesson audio.

Is it supposed to do this, as I’d much prefer to hear the audio as it’s showcased in its complete lesson recording, whilst in Sentence Mode?

I presume the lesson you are in does not have timestamps in the text for the audio so the reader has no idea when each sentence starts and ends. That’s presumably the reason this is happening.

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That could be the issue, but I’ve also had problems with loading times, even when a particular audio track is already downloaded; it’s as though it’s still trying to buffer or stream something.

However, if it is to do with the timestamps, or lack thereof, I’m guessing there’s very little I can do if it’s somebody else’s course, unless I contact them direct, but it could be time consuming to do that each and every time.

No, it’s literally all of the Sentence Mode tracks from every lesson that are being generated through the translator voice, which is kind of annoying because half the time, the translator either isn’t even pronouncing it properly and it literally completely butchers the Quran.