Sentence mode audio on Android different to web

Android 12, Oneplus 9 Pro
Android 11, Oneplus 6
Android 10, Onyx boox max 3

I Would love to use lingq on my Eink or my phone. But sentence mode provide completly wrong Audio for sentences (from audio file). I even checked in Lesson Edit if the sentences are cut correctly and indeed they are. Android App have a bug how it converts timestamps.

Can you please provide example lesson with the motioned issue?

It is broken on every lesson. Web browser doesnt even use current timestamps which I just edited via edit lesson or Edit Sentence. When I go to edit sentence in browser I can see and hear that the timestamps in Edit sentences are good but it plays something diffrent in Web Browser. When I try to use app the timestamps are different than what is in the browser and what is in the Edit Lesson. It is completly broken.

I fixed timestamps to be almost perfect for first 90 seconds.
Example: Login - LingQ

Just adding that I experience the same issue on Android. I have many lessons with synchronized audio, and sentence mode works on iOS and on the web, but for some reason the timing is off on the Android app. I’m happy to provide examples if it helps with debugging.

In my example Sentence number 2 you could hear that it plays a melody from 00:03, when in timestamps is 00:08 where the sentence begin “Heel lang geleden…” So that tells me that web browser does not use made by me timestamps but something else…
Example: Login - LingQ

Please provide any examples you have.

Fixing this issue at the moment and will be available in the next version coming in the next few days.

After investigating further, I am not sure what the issue is with Android specifically compared to the web. For this specific lesson Login - LingQ the sentence audio on the web is has wrongly cut as it is on Android. I will need more examples of differences between web and Android so that I can figure out a fix.

Every lesson in Lingq is broken! It does not read timesstamps specified in Edit Sentence or Edit Lesson. Web uses diffrent algorythm to detect timestamps than Android app. So now You have 3 algorithms:

  2. WEB PLAYER (broken, better than android)
  3. ANDROID APP (completly unusable)
    Look below, I have fixed timing for 2nd sentence and many other. When you play audio in Edit Sentence is Good! When you play Audio in Sentence Mode on Web or Android it is wrong, it plays it from 00:03:00.

Can I share private lessons with you ? Or I have to make it public? Do you still need more examples ?

I have Edited whole lesson again, changed all timestamps, and now atleast it works perfect on WEB, but ANDROID is still broken.

lesson: Inloggen - LingQ

Maybe problem is that old lessons created before 5.0 works in diffrent way?

Here is an example English lesson that I created and imported today. I set the timing in an external SRT editor before importing to Lingq, so I know the timestamps are good.

  • On iOS - playback is perfect.
  • On Android - playback is incorrect most of the time. Sometimes I get parts of the preceeding sentence and sometimes I get parts of the next sentence.

On the web:

  • Web Reader - playback is nearly perfect (I always get the correct audio, but I sometimes get a second of the next sentence in addition).
  • Web lesson editor - playback is often incorrect with symtoms similar, but not identical to Android.

I can send you the source SRT/MP3 files for this lesson if you want.

The timestamps should be taken from EDIT SENTENCE/EDIT LESSON - > timestamps which were GENERATED/EDITED.

You case is also proving that WEB reader takes timestamps from somewhere else. Android app is completly broken and make no sense.

01 De rode slaapmutsen

This lesson had no timestamps, I have just regenerated them. Result:
EDIT LESSON: Have Good created and edited Timestamps
Web Player: Does not have audio in Sentence Mode (Only TTS) as timestamps does not exist
ANDROID APP: Have Good created and edited Timestamps

The issue is fixed and will be pushed as soon as possible with the new version. It was related to mp3 file decoding and seeking in files with variable bitrate. Thank you for the feedback.