Sentence Mode: Audio Button, Translation Button, and Default Sentence Locations

First, let me say again that I find LingQ to be an indispensable tool for language acquisition.

I apologize in advance if the following challenges have been addressed, but I did not find anything specific about them on the forums (except for 1 official response from 1.5 years ago regarding an app update).

Apps and devices used:

Website on Chrome (all versions)
Mobile app (4.9.13) on Android v10 (Samsung Galaxy Note 9)
Mobile app (4.9.13) on Android v9 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A)

Audio Play Button:

The Audio Button in Sentence Mode for Chrome works just fine (TTS matches the sentence), but the app on my phone and tablet do not. If I have uploaded an MP3 for the lesson, the audio button does not play anything unless it’s the very last sentence for which it plays the entire uploaded audio. However, if the lesson has no uploaded audio file, no audio is played for any sentence, not even the last one.

Translation Button:

The Translation Button in Sentence Mode for Chrome works just fine regardless of sentence length; however, on my phone and tablet, they do not. I haven’t found the exact number of words yet, but since I have been counting, I have found that 20 or less works while 25 or more does not.

Default Sentence Position:

Both the website and mobile apps respond the same and it appears to be related to reviewing lessons that have been previously completed. While in Sentence Mode, once you complete a lesson and move on, the next lesson defaults to the last word/ phrase you clicked on, or sentence you viewed.

Unfortunately, when reviewing lessons, this means you have to (1) click back through all sentences to the beginning or (2) change views, click on a word/ phrase in the first sentence, and then change views again. Not sure if this is by design but it does make reviewing in Sentence Mode fairly inconvenient.

Once again, thank you for such an excellent product.

Can you please message us on support(at), send us a link to an example lesson in which you noticed issues on Android app? I will then test it on my end and notify developers if needed.