Sentece mode new vocab feature

I guess this feature has been on iOS for a few months but I just started using it and decided I liked it. However, the word order isn’t the same order you encounter the words. I don’t know if it’s random or what. It would be nice if the words were listed in the same order as the text you’re reading.

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Words appear to be listed by alphabetical order, but yes, an option to list the words according to the order of the text would be nice. Also it would be appreciated if the notes we add to certain words could be shown at the same time as the definition as well.

I know there’s a new sentence note feature, but it’s not the same. Some users specifically attach notes to certain words to highlight a grammar point for instance, but these notes are currently invisible, making it impossible for users to remember/see which words they have annotated.

I’m not studying a language with the roman alphabet so I didn’t notice that. Just seemed random.

I had a closer look today. Sometimes, it is listed by alphabetical order, but on other pages it is random. I am studying Korean.