Sending an audio recording does not work

I cannot send an audio file to a student who asked for an audio recording. I was able to submit the file on the profile page, but on the Exchange page the file doesn’t load. Can you please look into this?

Do you get any error message when you try to upload it? Make sure that your file is in MP3 format.

Yes, it is the same type of MP3 that I can import and use on LingQ. When I try to save it,I can see “Saving” for a while. Then it stops and there is nothing there. In the Attached File box I can see the file that is saved on my PC: C:\fakepath\muhannad_20170403_strömungsmechanik.mp3 but it doesn’t work. I thought it was too big (4 MB) so I tried with smaller files, it didn’t work either. The text is quite long (724 words), but I don’t think this can be the problem. This way i cant get the points for the recording. There is NO error message.

I have just tried to upload the file from Dropbox, on my iPad, which seemed to work. But on saving there was an error message: the audio file is empty, which it can’t be, because I was able to post it on the student’s profile profile page and play it. Unfortunately there is no way for the student to download the file, or is there?

Can you please contact us on support(at) and send us your mp3 file so that we can check it? Everything seems to work properly for me on exchange, so I’ll need to try to upload your file on my end. Thanks!