Self Made English Lessons

Hello, I just created some beginner english lessons in the series “life” in this series I present monologues, dialogues and many other artificial conversations that are easy to understand. My lessons are different than others because I live in the south, so I may have a slight accent, and I’m a teenager so my voice is different than adults. These lessons can help with understanding different accents and voice types while covering basic topics. And please don’t be afraid to give feedback, and constructive criticism on how I can improve future lessons,

Thank you,


Thanks a lot for your lessons. I like them.

@IT sorry just a careless mistake I’ll be sure to fix that

also @IT I’m working on finding a friend that is willing to collaborate with me on these projects.

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@watupboy - It’s OK, waterboy! Continue with your lessons for beginners.
I’m not a native English speaker, but I teach Russian, English and German in Russia.
I believe we need more lessons for the beginner level here in Lingq because if you have an intermediate or an advanced level, you can find a lot of materials in the Internet, but it isn’t so for beginners.
I make some English lessons for beginners and then I ask my friends native speakers from Australia to record them.
If you would like to do, we can try to make something like that together.

Excellent idea, watupboy. I know from personal experience that some non-native English speakers have difficulty understanding Southern accents.
One of your first lessons might be to explain just what “wat up, boy” means!

Well it’s actually just a stupid user name I came up with years ago and have just never gotten rid of it. It basically just means what’s (wat) up, dude (boy).

Although I do not study English on lingq I listened to your recording and let me just say that you have a very nice voice. I also found your accent really pleasant to listen to. To me, your recording sounded much better than quite a few professional recordings on language teaching CDs. I’m convinced that learners of English here will greatly appreciate your contributions.

@lovelanguagesII thank you very much