Selecting phrases in new Android versoin

How do you select multiple words to link a phrase in the new version? In the old one, you just clicked multiple times.

I welcome upgrades and changes, but seems like you would provide a YouTube training video on the new version before releasing it, and maybe an email (unless that was sent and I missed it).


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Just tap and hold on a word and the option to highlight a phrase and save it as a LingQ will appear.

I created a phrase “Nawiasem mowiac” (the new lingQ wont let me copy and paste phrasies as before so spelling may be wrong. The phrase IS recorded in my phrase list, BUT, the phrase itself not highlited when I read in book? I click on Nawiasem & Mowiac, but just individaul word definitions come up, not the phrase on my ohrase list? Phrase used to highlight bright orange, now I it doesnt alert me of any the phrases I recorded?

I can’t reproduce that, saved phrases do show as yellow for me. Are you saying that on your end saved phrases aren’t highlighted in a lesson at all? Can you please provide some screenshots of that so that our Android developer can check? Thanks!

I tryed to create a phrase “Spada to na mnie jak grom z jasnego nieba” (It falls on me like a thunderclap from a clear sky), but it won’t let me stretch it all the way to create the phraze, I have to miss off a word?! Is an 8 word limits for phrayzes?

Yes, you can highlight and save maximum of 8 words at once. That’s a limit.

I’ve emailed you screenshot sof a few phrases that would add, but not turn yellow’’

Thanks. I’ll check. Lets continue conversation through email.

I have a lot of trouble using a mouse to select phrase linqs while using web 5.0 to check or adjust their definition. I can only highlight individual words within the phrase. It’s a bit annoying, since the individual words by themselves are often common, known, or unimportant.