Selecting multiple "words" to make 1 lingq. Doesnt work

Soo im trying to select multiple words to make my own lingq. I select the word i want to make a lingq , it highlights everything in blue, i click new hint , add the info and then save it… Everything looks fine. If i reload the page or come back to the lesson the words i selected are back to seperated words like before. If i select it again and try to make the lingq by adding a new hint the previous info is already inputed into the hint. Is this a known problem?

for example:

선현우 : 오늘은 서점에 대해서 이야기를 해 볼 거예요.

I’m trying to make " 해 볼 거예요 " into 1 lingq because thats one meaning as opposed to lingq the individual words which doesnt make sense overall. Is it possible to keep the selected words as a lingq together when you go out of the lesson and come back later?

Sorry for the double post of the topic. YOu can delete the other one.


I checked my lingq’s the “해 볼 거예요” has been added as a lingq BUt why doesnt it say highlighted as one in the lesson?

ugh… typo… I mean WHY doesn’t the new Lingq STAY highlighted in the lesson after I’ve created it.

I thought it might be a problem with that one sentence… sooo i tried it again with something else:

선현우 : 음… 일주일에 두 번?

I tried selecting “일주일에 두 번” made a lingq. typed “twice a week” in the hint saved it. The words are highlighted together in yellow, they are saved in my vocab list. If i close the lesson and come back to it , the words arent highlighted anymore and are the same as the were before i created the lingq.


The problem you described should be fixed now. The lingqs you created had the whitespace between words removed. Try recreating those lingqs to have them work correctly.

Hi borisd, AWESOME looks like its working now! THANKS!

So just to clear up some confusion. I make a new lingq with say “이야기할 거예요” will this lingq be recognize in other lessons ? OR no?

Looks like i figured out the answer to my own question. I created a lingq sentence in one lesson and it shows up as 1 lingq in an other… GREAT!. exactly what i wanted to happen.