Selecting multiple words on the iPad

I figured out from a tip here that to select multiple words on the computer you have to click and hold on a word, then for me at least slightly move the mouse down and it will show it blue and I can then drag it to select more words. I’ve tried something similar on the iPad, but I can’t seem to figure out how to select multiple words on it. Any tips?

On my iPad I select the first word by clicking (= pressing with a stylus or with a finger): the word will then be blue, surrounded by symbols ↑ and ↓. I click on the ↓ symbol and drag it to the end of the last word I want in the selection. Then the words I want to select are blue, surrounded by the symbols.

  1. Ricevere una recompensa
  2. ↑Ricevere↓ una recompensa
  3. ↑Ricevere una recompensa↓
    NB In stead of the arrows, the symbols have little balls.

I don’t have any arrows on the screen after clicking a word. I just get the pop up that shows the translation.

You are right, I did not express myself very well: if I click, I get what you say: translation, or a hit, or a list of dictionarysites. But if you hold your stylus or your finger a little longer on the word, the word is selected.

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Even that doesn’t work for me. I tried the stylus and my finger, held it down for 10 seconds. Nothing happened until I removed my finger, then it just popped up the translation pop up like normal.

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I have the same problem on a tablet (android). I can no longer select multiple words since I upgraded a few weeks ago.

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This seems strange to me! The manner of selection I described has nothing special. It is the way I select words or textfragments in all apps on my iPad. Does did not work for you in other apps?

It has nothing to do with other apps. I want to select multiple words so that lingq will translate the sentence. I don’t want to select them so I can copy them.