Seems impossible to cancel LingQ

I was warned by a friend that I would have trouble canceling LingQ (I had hesitated to join because of having heard this) but I never thought it woudl be this difficult. Help appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry to hear you had problem cancelling. Please note that you can always contact support if you need assistance.
I have just manually cancelled your subscription and your account will drop to the Free level after your current paid period expires.
Let me know if I can assist with anything else.

looks like this issue has been resolved, but for future people reading- If you have an iPhone, you cancel subscriptions by going to Settings β€”> click name at the very top (that says Name/Apple ID/ iCloud / Media and Purchases) β€”> Subscriptions. β€”> LingQ β€”> Cancel subscription

This is fairly standard- I don’t think LingQs cancellation policy differs from any other app I’ve used. :slight_smile:

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