Seeking Shel Silverstein (esque) books in Russian

I tend to like humor and I have found that incorporating funny or odd sayings for my language learning often helps cement it in my mind better than generic ones.

So in light of that, I am trying really hard to find a Russian version of Shel Silverstein books. So far though I am coming up with zero. I am still in the beginning stages of Russian so maybe that hampers my searching. Maybe his books haven’t been translated into Russian but I really can’t tell.

If his books haven’t been translated into Russian, does anyone know a comparable author who writes funny children’s poems?

Also is there a website where one can look up an author/book title and see all the languages that it has been translated into?

Thank you and will check back much later as I will be at work all day.

Here what I found. There is only four books translated into Russian officially.

Щедрое дерево (The giving tree) pdf:
Лафкадио, или лев, который отстреливался (Uncle Shelby’s Story of Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back)
Лафкадио, или лев, который отстреливался - Силверстайн Шел :: Режим чтения
Полтора жирафа (A Giraffe and a Half)
Продается носорог ( Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?) I couldn’t find it unfortunately
You can read more about it or search for other authors here Шел Сильверстейн — биография, книги, отзывы, цитаты

Some of his fan-translated poetry

and fan-translated “The missing piece” Шел Сильверстейн - Потерянный кусочек.pdf

There is also his another work translated as Спасательная шлюпка тонет, but I couldn’t find the original name Шел Сильверстейн - Спасательная шлюпка тонет читать онлайн

I really appreciate this. Thank you. I was coming up empty and I thought that there was absolutely no books by him in Russian versions. Thank you very much FedorS.

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Check out Григорий Остер

Олег Григорьев

Russian classic children’s poets are also

Самуил Маршак

Сергей Михалков (also incidentally the author of the Russian anthem)

Корней Чуковский

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I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner. My birthday is tomorrow so I have been absent from Lingq.

Thank you for looking these things up for me. This really helps me. I appreciate it greatly.

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