Searching members and making friends

It’s a new problem for me: how to search members - not tutors, not providers, but just user of our site?
I haven’t found the opportunity to it.
The point is that one of my German students from St Petersburg has signed up for the site - and I would like to find her here and to make her my friend, but I can’t do it - I can’t find her.
By the way, she writes me as well that she can’t find any my German lessons here though there are a lot of them written by me or with my German and Austrian friends for different levels.
I don’t want to believe that disappearing my lessons somehow connected with the stupid western sanctions against Russia, do I?

Hi Evgueny,
You can search for a members on the Exchange Home Page (Exchange > Exchange Home). Just click on “Advanced Search” at the top right, and enter username of user you are looking for into Search box.
Of course that your lessons are still at LingQ. We don’t care about sanctions at LingQ. She can click on “Show Extra Filters” option and to select you as Provider. After that she will get list of all your uploaded lessons. I’ve just checked and everything is fine, I was able to find all of your lessons.

Thanks, Zoran!