Searching Library by % of Words Known

Is there a function that allows us to search the library by percentage of words know? It would be really neat if you could search for things to read where you comprehend a large percentage of the content(+90%). When we learn to read as children, we already know and understand a large percentage of the content in our children’s books, we just don’t know how to identify it yet because we are illiterate. As we grow up and read more complex material, we use context to understand and learn new words. This only works because of how much of the material we already comprehend.

As language learners, one of the most important things about any of our practices is that we are learning words in context. Learning new vocabulary from material that we mostly understand also helps us learn vocabulary more thoroughly because we’re focusing on fewer words at a time, and have more of a direction of the words we’re learning; Instead of picking random LingQ’s out of dozens or hundreds of words that we don’t know.

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At the moment that’s not possible, but that option will be available in the upcoming update we are working on.