Searching lessons by %

Hello everyone,

Can you guys add the option to search or filter lessons by %.
For example search only for 5% new words? or 2%?




That would be good.

You can, or at least you can in “Classic” Mode.

Go to the Library, click “show more filters” on the left side.

The filter according to"New Words Percent"

Only old members have access to this Classic Mode, right?


Sucks to be me, I’m not an older member. I wish I could access classic view. Like the look of it.

It would be nice if I could search by category, as in selecting it, rather than having to think of the topic to type it.

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We will do our best to bring back sorting by new words percent as soon as possible.


I fully support this. It was one of my top requested features of LingQ when asked about my user experience via e-mail.

The response I received was that as of now it is simply too demanding a feature to run. This is also something I can understand.

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