Searching lessons by rating

If I search for lessons in the library (advanced search) by voting it looks like that they sort order is:

  • highest rating to newest rating
  • oldest to newest lesson

I think it would be better to change this in

  • highest rating to newest rating
  • number of ratings (highest to lowest)
  • newest to oldest lesson

Otherwise new lessons show up very lately.

Also I suggest to show the number of voting. 10 five star ratings are much better than 1 five star rating and it would be nice to know how often a lesson was rated.

What do you think?

And can you show the rating for lesson and audio quality separately?

We hope to enhance the ratings system further as we move into the new year. Thank you for the feedback.

My first lesson is on position 91 in the German library, at the bottom of the forth page. This doesn’t represent the popularity of my lessons. I’m looking forward to your ideas to improve the system.

Do you intend to include more information and options to search for

  • lesson notes
  • translations
  • videos