Searching for video resources in Italian

So, as I am gradually improving with my Italian I really wanted to start watching some films, TV or other video content in Italian without the English subtitles - which tend to defeat the purpose of the excercise a bit! I have been having trouble finding good content and was wondering what others have used.

The most difficult thing is to find Italian video with subtitles in Italian, which would be the most useful thing to me.

Anything I could watch on my ipad would be great!

Hi, I use youtube for that purpose and I have found many nice things there. You have content from RAI tv., for documentaries you have ulisse il piacere della scoperta, speciale voyager RAI 2, and a lot of other stuff.
As for the Italian videos with subtitles in Italian I have had no success at all; I couldn’t find nothing worthy so far and every now and then I ask about them in a forum, I obtain one of these two answers: 1.- They give me links of stuff in Italian with subtitles yes, but in English.
2.- They say: look for them in google and you are gonna find tons of them (which of course doesn’t happen). So if you ever run into a worthy source of Italian video with subtitles in Italian please let me now. Thanks
Merry Christmas!

I’m also looking for Italian films…I tryed it on Rai but the films can’t be seen abroad. What a pity, because there started a new soap and this could have been much fun to familiarize to the every day language by watching the episodes.

There are some links to videos in Italian I found in my bookmarks:
InItalia -
L’Italiano in famiglia -
Un medico in famiglia - Video Rai.TV - Un medico in famiglia - Un medico in famiglia - st 01 ep 01
TGR Mediterraneo - TGR - TGR Mediterraneo del 08/06/2014

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Thank you Ress, I will try them all!