Searching for new german learning content

Hi, I’ve been studying non-stop for the past 4 months, and I feel like I need more content (specifically books), in order to keep improving. I finished some of the books currently available, and the other ones I basically don’t find the compelling factor in them. I don’t know very well how does it work with the possibility of sharing imported content, or if such thing is even possible. But could someone please tell me where to find audiobooks to import on lingq, or sharing the imported course with me?
I’d really appreciate the help and the attention, I just want to keep progressing and be better every day. Have a good one family.

What you can try is look up the name of a book that you want to read Using the German title of that book and put in PDF afterwards. For Example I was looking for one of the Harry Potter books so I just typed in “harry potter und der feuerkelch pdf” You might be able to find the PDF version of whatever book you want doing it this way. Then you can copy and paste it into LingQ. For the audio I buy the book on Audible.

I bought a book for this website here and imported into LingQ. Maybe you can find a book you like.

You just have to look for E-PUB/PDF books of your interest on the internet and then import them into LingQ. Forget about importing audiobooks, it’s just too tiresome and doesn’t worth it, LingQ hasn’t developed any user friendly feature to do so, at least when it comes to complete audiobooks. For this matter I just use an alternative mp3 player while at the same time I read on LingQ.

Here you can find tons of E-PUB/PDF books for free in several languages, including German:

I know this site where they constantly upload complete audiobooks both in German and English for free:

There is also Libri Vox, where you can find free public domain audiobooks (bare in mind that most of them are literary works):

In this YouTube channel there are hundreds of uploaded audiobooks: Bookstream Hörbücher - YouTube