Searching for my forum posts

When I want to see all my forum posts, I first have to find a single post. Then I can click the number (of posts) under my name. The result is a long list of posts that I’ve made. The problem is, as far as I can tell, the order is random. I know the last post isn’t shown first, and it’s not the post in the most recently active thread. so I assume it’s random.

  1. Can you fix this so that it has some sort of logical order?
  2. Why don’t you guys just spend the one time $200 or so to get some good forum software? You have good content, but such an unfriendly interface surely discourages people from using it.

@Wulfgar - Thanks for your feedback on this. We do have plans to update the forum in the near future.

Because our forum is integrated into our site (i.e. profiles, roses, notifications, etc.), it isn’t actually quite as simple as spending $200 to install an already existing forum software. That being said, it is an area that we recognize can be improved and will do what we can over the coming months to see what improvements we are able to make.