Searching for a French podcast - Intermediate level - with interviews

A friend asked me if I know some French podcasts on an intermediate level. My friend is looking for interviews with well-known and interesting peoples preferably from a radio station. They shouldn’t speak too fast.
Any ideas?

Tv5 has a show called Kiosque where non native journalists are talking in french.

I do not know if this is podcasted.

If some recordings are too quick it is possible to listen in slow speed with vlc.

I’m sorry that I wouldn’t be of great help to you since I don’t usually listen to french podcasts. I assume Dilemne could give you some advice about French TV and radios.

There is an interview with Sarkozy in French with a blogger named Loic in the LingQ library

Hi, I don’t know if this link could help your friend but here it is:
There is a choice of different radios, televisions, podcasts (for podcasts, there is a link to another document)

Here is one of my favorite podcasts…interviews programe with well-known and interesting peoples preferably from a radio station

La danse des mots

You can check up this podcast.

Pour vous abonner gratuitement à ce podcast proposé par RFI, il vous suffit de copier/coller l’adresse ci-dessous dans votre lecteur de podcasts :

You can put the following address in your i Tune.

Thank you for your help. I’ll tell my friend.

@Marianne: Thank you for bringing back you list into my mind :wink: