Searching by root or component

In learning another language, there are always words that seem to sound the same. Sometimes they are related and sometimes they are not.

In languages like Russian with lots of cases and word form changes, I have a tendency to save many forms of words that are the same or related words.

Sometimes it is useful to go to the Vocabulary page and use the Search function and search by root or component. Sometimes it is surprising what you get.

Since it is a little more difficult for me to type in Russian, I just go to the phrases in my vocabulary list, select a 4 or 5 letter component and drop it into the Search box. If you clear the box and click Search you get back to the full list. I usually have the words sorted by importance when I do this. If I want I can Flash Card them.

I wonder if people do this for other languages.

I am doing this right now in my Russian studies. I have two Tabs open in Firefox. In one my Work Desk is open. In the other Vocabulary is open.

I came across a new word. развязки (Outcome or upshot). It contains the common Russian root вяз. I went to Vocabulary and searched for that and found 27 words that I had saved that had that root. Most had some connection with the meaning of tie or (untie).

Do you want to hear my core want again? It is to have a vocabulary box nearby the flashcards AND in workdesk next the item.
The cause is that I have often problems to recognize the single word in flashcards (noun, verb and so on). Then I could create another word or combination additional. Or I could change a little the word for saving another meaning what is not possible with widget box.
I know the next date for gift will come. Perhaps Easter?