Searching by percentage of unknown (blue) words in text?

So that you can find material at a desired percentage. Such as between 10-20% new words as Steve seems to recommend. In this way we can tweak/optimize to the level that we prefer.

This seems like a good search option to have :slight_smile: What do you think?


I seem to remember LingQ being capable of that.

You can change the filter on your feed or in the other sections to a certain level or ranger of levels. i.e. beginner 1 to beginner 2 or some other range that tends to bring up the right percentage.

I think the search engine could use a lot of filters like these. The likes also don’t get used to suggest connect. There is no ranking system. Which is common in most websites that use content generated by users, but sites that have a ranking system like youtube tend to have a better suggested feed.

This way we really know what gets people to read more as users that create content will work for the likes and since this is language learning the more we are on the site the more words we learn.


I know :slight_smile: But I think searching according to percentage of blue words directly might be a good additional option. It is a more detailed search.

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We did had sorting by percentage of new words available on the site earlier but we had to remove it due to some issues we had with that functionality.
We will see if we can add it back in future.