Searching Bar doens't work

Hi everybody. I don’t know if already exists a thread about this, if so apologize me.
I wanna know if people are getting the same trouble when searching for something in the library, in the page’s results appears nothing related to what you’re looking for. Even when I’m sure about the name (some ones that I uploaded). Or possible could I be using the searcher in the wrong way?
p.s: sorry for my grammatical issue.

If you uploaded them then they don’t show up. Maybe that’s it. And they don’t show up because you must have opened them then it counts as if you downloaded them, and those don’t show up.

When I search I even get content wich contains inside the text the word I’m looking for. So I’d say it now works more than fine now.

I created an alter account to be able to see my uploads.

If you tick the “Show previously selected” tickbox, you can see all you’ve uploaded and selected. We will upload an updated Library in the next few days.

Cleitonrauber, I have been having problems similar to this. Sometimes it works for me and other times it shows me results completely unrelated to what I searched for or for which category I clicked on.

I suggest we wait until the new version of the library is loaded and then see how it all works. Mark says it should be within a few days.