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I seem to remember writing about this some time ago but nothing has changed. Evgueny40 has just sent me the titles of 5 or 6 new texts which he has placed in the library. When I search for them by title, I can find one but the others return No Results. As a controlled test, I filtered by “Evgueny40, Intermediate 2”, just to see how many of Evgueny40’s 800 intermediate 2 level texts would show up. Answer: “No Results.” The filter "“evgueny40, Intermediate 1” shows up a number of results, but searching for all of Evgueny40’s Courses returns a small % of them. My questions, simply, are - why doesn’t the Search facility work? Can it be fixed? Many thanks.

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The Library doesn’t actually update immediately - instead it may take a few hours, or up to a day in some cases, as lessons will only appear after the search index is updated.

That being said, there is some work to be done on the Library search, and this is something we have in our list and are working to improve. In the meantime, I can suggest to click “Show more filters” then select Evgueny from the list of providers, or find a lesson in the Library provided by Evgueny then click his username and it will display lessons that he provided. It seems that manually searching “provider:evgueny40” doesn’t work so I’ve added this specific issue to our list.