Search Lacks a desirable function

Text I imported contained two very common German words that were highlighted in blue post import. The two words were “über” and “für”. I do not believe these should be highlighted as they appear very frequently in the German lessons and my LingQs. If I use “search” in Vocabulary, I find I cannot search for just the specific word “über” or “für” alone, i.e., the system only finds für, für* and *fur. I do not think that there is an option “equals für” in the “seach” function schema to find specific mentions of “für”.

@alchemist - I wonder if this is related to the formatting of the text you originally copied. Would you try copying the text again and pasting using “Paste and Match Style” or filtering it through a text editing program first to see if that helps?

Regarding the Vocabulary page, there isn’t a way to search for and only show a specific word. However, you can use “Starts with”, “Ends with” and “Contains” to find any word that you have saved. For more common words, this will mean more results will sometimes show, so what you can do next is then change the sort from A-Z to Importance to show the more common words first.