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Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, Part 4, Chapter 7

Longer time before I had taken this part on my Workdesk and now I would like find the other parts. Only when I am going to “search” and write “Gulliver’s travels” I cannot find the others.
What can I do for finding?

Take a look here:

Thank you very much, flexaJ.
Please could you tell me how you could find it?

Oh, well, for one, I imported it :slight_smile:
(links to what I imported are here:

There is a problem with the Search field - it doesn’t work properly for the first time. So, what you do is to open the Library page and click the Search button, wait for a page to load, type whatever you are looking for in the Search field and click the button again.

Basically, you need to do two consecutive searches to find what you want.

I raised this question in

Thanks again flexaJ - good to know, that helps.
Only I think, the search function should work exactly :slight_smile:

I think so too.
Let’s hope it will be fixed soon.

This is on our list. We will get it to it soon. Thanks for your patience.

This is fixed now.