Search a part of a word or the stem with *...*

This information is hidden in other information but I think it is really important and I am thankful to have it back!! Therefore I will bring here the information in separate :slight_smile:

For other members who don’t know from what I am speaking:

In the vocabulary we have now the possibility to search a part or the stem of a word by writing this in the SEARCH box with * before and behind the word.


found will show you all vocables which have this part in = found, founded, unfound …and so on


YOu’re right Vera, that’s a very powerful little widget!

Wow, I didn’t know that! It really helps.
Thank you letting us know that, Irene,.

We have made a few improvements to the Vocab page. Did you see my little video on how I use the Vocab page? I believe that the Vocab page is a very powerful place to work on Vocabulary. Should I do this in other languages? Any comments?

Hi Steve, where is this video to see?

I saw it, it was nice ^^