Seal Hunt

Great podcast once again…

Just two or three weeks ago i got an email from a friend living in Venezuela asking me whether I know something about seal hunting in Canada. He told me that it is brutal. I honestly answered him I have not any idea about it. This email had attached a very awful picture of what is supposed to be a seal hunting scene: There is a man running after a very cute seal holding a huge butcher knife. There are lots of dead seals lying down on the icy floor surrounded for what it means to be tons of blood. The picture is very shocking at first sight. Listening to this podcast I understood a little more what my friend was asking me for.

Anyway, my question is related to another topic. When you say that “five ambassadors got to hog a lot of time”, you mean that they did not say any important to the audience. I mean, I associate the word hog to animals not to people talking.

thanks …

to hog something is to take more than your share, like a pig.

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Thanks, Steve … I got it!