Scrolling Problems

In Chrome, occasionally since the redo, an odd thing happens in which the right half of the screen, with the hints, etc. will get sorta stuck to the scrolling of the text in the lesson (on the left). Then you can’t see the hints/info any longer as you scroll down the text. This has now happened to me a half dozen times in the past several weeks. ctaylor

Just click on a known or unknown lingQ in the lesson and the lesson will again scroll as desired.

No that doesn’t work. c

@CTaylor - Very strange. I have noticed this on the iPad a couple of times (we’re working on updates there), but haven’t yet seen it in Chrome. Do you have auto scroll turned on? Also, if this happens again would you check if there are any errors in the error console?

Yeah, it’s definitely on my mac. I’ll take a look at what you directed me to do once it happens again. c

@CTaylor - This seems to happen when the page hasn’t fully loaded, but doesn’t seem to happen after the page has completed loading. Is the tab still loading some data when this happens?

Alex, here is a screen cast of one example of what I’m experiencing and talking about. This is Chrome and on IMac. Yes, the page is fully loaded and I had been working on this particular lesson for probably around a half hour or so.


@CTaylor - Thanks for the screencast. Definitely a strange issue here! Did you see anything in the error console when this happened? Also, it seems to be happening somewhat frequently to you. Have you been able to notice any patterns in what seems to be causing this?