Scroll Reading Suggestion


Most content online now is in long, scrolling form. LingQ seems bound to page → page at the moment. I think that having the option to scroll through all the text vertically would be very helpful.

Thank you.


Wanted to suggest that myself, had to read on a phone when I stayed at the hospital, and as I could not access LingQ android app, I had to explore other options, and I stumbled upon Linga
Basically, books-with-translations-app that has chat gpt features, and customization. Plus they have a free version that actually works, maybe lingq team should take a look at the market. I didn’t use the app for that much time, yet I was really pleasently surprised. Too bad I can’t attach a video, but here are some screenshots with chat gpt features:

Can’t really show the vertical reading mode with screenshots :melting_face:

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