Scottish Gaelic?

Hi I was wondering if anyone on this forums can speak Scottish Gaelic, (Ga-lick opposed to Irish Gae-lick) as I am wanting to learn the language that my ancestors would have spoken during the 17th century etc. But only 50,000 people speaking the language really puts me of learning it. :frowning: Or at least it has until now. I am 18 and from Scotland if anyone is wondering, and if anyone here can speak it can you help me when I eventually get stuck? :slight_smile:

Mt friend is learning Scottish Gaelic since his ancestors are Scottish Gaelic. I would recommend you get this book:

That is the book I have got. I just looked over it when I got it and it throws you straight into the thick of the language. :slight_smile:

awesome! you need to also get the Scottish Gaelic Teach yourself book. My friend got himself a New Testament written in Scottish Gaelic to help himself learn the language.

Ah yes Teach Yourself, I will get it once I have the money, college drains all my money this now. :frowning: But on the plus side there are places here I can go to speak Gaelic. :slight_smile:

I do not speak Scottish Gaelic but I can understand a lot because I know Manx. According to Wikipedia and other friends of mine who do speak Scottish Gaelic, while both languages are not wholely mutually intelligible, they can be very intelligible when spoken, and once one can crack the spelling code of Scottish Gaelic, the writing can be much more intelligible too.