Scottish English

Is there anyone on LingQ who speaks Scottish English??

I love the accent and was wondering if there is anyone who can provide authentic Scottish English content…


I have actually already said that I would do that but still … haven’t. I 'm not a native English speaker but I have some friends since I live here in Scotland. I asked some of them to do it but you see, they are not interested in language learning so it looks they forgot. But this time I will pursue them :slight_smile:

Hi Konstantina!

Yes, it’d be awesome if you could get some native Scottish English speakers to create some content!

I just love learning different English dialects, and the Scottish dialect is one of my favorites! haha

I’m also trying to learn the New York dialect…it’d be great if anyone from that area who speaks the dialect could create content too…haha

anyways, best of luck with your Russian studies!

Note that there are different Scottish accents. Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire is doing a passable Edinburgh accent. The Glasgow accent is broader and (for me) harder to understand.

“Takin’ over the asylum” is a wonderful old Scottish TV serial with David Tennant, Angus McFayden and Kenn Stott, all famous Scottish actors. They are all using (as far as I can tell) their proper, Scottish, accents. See Takin' Over the Asylum - Episode One - Part One - YouTube for the first part.

If you can understand a word they are saying then you are doing very well!

I am Scottish and have lived in Scotland most of my life. Prior to my retirement I lived quite near Glasgow. Now I live near Elgin. I agree there are a variety of different accents even within the same region. However, I don’t think I would have the confidence to create content!

Yes, I’m afraid I don’t know much about the different, regional dialects.

Helen, thanks so much for letting me know about this mini-series! It seems like a funny show…hahah…and yes I understand some of it…perhaps except for a few words here and there that aren’t commonly used in North America…and the way they talk makes it hard to understand…haha… I noticed that the main character guy says…“Nay/nae chance” haha…I love these little variations…and of course, the accent itself :slight_smile:

Bill, it’d be amazing if you could provide some content! Of course you don’t have to, but the LingQ could use some Scottish English dinnae think? :smiley:

You know I’ve scoured the net trying to find Scottish English material so I could just listen and learn about it…but it’s really difficult to find anything…I checked out BBC’s website…but I don’t think they have much…

Do any of you have any good resources online? Or do you know any other TV shows I could watch?

I checked out some radio stations in the Glasgow area…but I found out that I can’t listen to their shows because I’m outside the UK.

Anyway, thank you Helen and Bill…please let me know if you know any resources online… :smiley:


Try BBC - Scotland - Home. There is quite a lot of content on this page which may be helpful

From what I’ve heard, the Glasgow accent may just as well be a new language! At least for Americans. It would be awesome if we could get some Scottish (and eventually Irish) content on here. I am not learning English, as it’s my native language, but I like listening to different accents of English, and some are very hard to find.

We have plenty of Canadian :wink:

I’m listening to the librivox version of Dracula (in English) at the moment. No disrespect to the gentleman who did a fine job of recording it, but it was clear that he had never heard a Yorkshire accent should sound like, and was doing a kind of Scottish - Irish mixture instead. I suppose if you live in America you wouldn’t know what broad Yorkshire sounds like.

Yes, over here in North America I don’t think we’d know Helen.

I grew up speaking American English (well, supposedly, cuz I went to an American school), but after I moved here my old friends tell me that I now have a Canadian accent…haha…whatever that’s supposed to be like…

For Yorkshire English have a listen to, for example:

It’s Last of The Summer Wine, a hugely popular BBC comedy series about a bunch of old Yorkshire blokes not doing very much.

Back to Scottish TV programmes:

Taggart is I think based in Glasgow:

Rebus in Edinburgh: (not for the faint-hearted!)

Thanks Helen!

I’ll have to watch these for the time being.

At least until someone creates some content in the Scottish dialect (Glasgow, Edinburgh, can’t yet tell the difference anyhow).