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I was wondering, I am a graduate student in the field of Religion at my university. One of my areas of interest is in Taoism/Daoism. If I pursue a PhD, this would actually be the field I would study. While I am rather well versed in English Scholarship on the subject, I have been curious if there is a way I would be allowed to use LingQ, to read Scholarly Articles in the field. These articles would be articles that are professionally published, and I can easily see how copyright issues could arise. But, being able to use LingQ, would greatly benefit my study. For starters, I can become more comfortable with the technical language of the material. Secondly, while I am already interested in much of the material published on this website, this is really the material I am most interested in. I realize that this website is in essence for this sort of thing (read material you are interested in to help you learn the language), but I fear if I post this material online here there could be some issues. The second option of course, is publishing the articles as a private lesson for myself, which is entirely okay for me, but I still fear this could create problems copyright wise. If anybody can inform me on copyright laws on this area, I would be very appreciative.

There is a second question that by extension applies as well. For any article I post on this website, are there any native Chinese speakers out there that would be willing to record themselves reading the material? This could be a great help as well, as I know how Steve’s philosophy is on reading and listening.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
-Cody C.

An interesting question! I think that if it is possible to put material in LINGQ on a private area of the website, it can be considered a private copy and there should be no copyright problems.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

^^ Agreed. I do this all the time, though not for graduate work. Just because I’m a nerd.

Yes, somewhere in the material you’ll find guidance on imports. Anything public must adhere to the letter of the law concerning copyrights and reuse permission. But copyrighted material that you have available can be stored for your own personal use as a private import.

I have imported the text to a couple of e-books that I’ve bought, and in his videos and on his blog you’ll find Steve K. talking about doing the same.

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Wonderful. This really helps. Thanks. What about audio-wise? Is there a way I can ask for example someone to read through an article and record it if they dont have access to it on LingQ? Or would I just have to shoot it to them over an email? I do appreciate the insight by the way.

Yes, you’d have to send the paper to them by mail and then upload the audio file they record to your private Lingq lesson.

I know this is not the right place to rant about this issue, but it really doesn’t make any sense to let commercial journals keep the copyright of work done by scientists and universities.

Oh I totally agree, its extremely unfortunate, because the scholar that did the work likely only published the article to get the idea out. But hey, what can we do. Thanks so much for the information by the way!

Can I import copyrighted content if I don’t share it?

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You are the bomb! Thanks! If only these roses actually did something haha. I would have rose-ed this comment like 10x haha.

Just as an update, I copied and pasted my first Scholarly article on LingQ. Of course it is only in the private section, but I figured I would state my defeated emotion. There are 3725 words in this lesson. Only 4 pages. That isn’t so bad, except for the fact when I hit save and open, I looked over and nearly the entire page was blue. -_-
For those of you who might comment what was bad about that? Well, unfortunately in reality set. I looked over, and realized I had 1,062 Blue Words that I need LingQ and then learn to just be able to begin to read this essay.That is what happens when you only know 1710 words hahaha. Well, I can honestly say this will take a while. Guess I will wait to begin reading Chinese articles in Taoism when I finish my semester.
I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for the information by the way!
-Cody C.

Hehehe. I do know that feeling. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.