Schoen, dass wir uns getroffen haben!


Now I have 3 doubts about this sentence.

  • I can’t understand why there is a coma between the words schoen and daas.

  • I think the verb is in the past tense. Is it right? Could I translate it like this?
    It’s nice we have met.

  • Does the auxiliar verb always come in the end like this?

  1. “dass” is a conjunction that requires this kind of a construction. I’m not a native speaker, so I wouldn’t be able to explain it very well…but if you’re just now starting out, don’t worry about it, you’ll be exposed to it more the more you study:)

  2. The verb, to be precise, is actually in the present perfect. You have the right idea w/ the translation, but a better way to say it would be “it was nice to meet/have met you”

  3. In this kind of dependent clause, yes, it does…some examples:
    Es ist gut, dass er abgefahren ist (it’s good that he left).
    Ich freue mich, dass ich ihn gesehen habe (I’m glad that I saw him).
    Ich liebe es, dass du so fleißig arbeitest (I love it that you work so productively).

You’ll find, as you study more, that other conjunctions besides “dass,” like “wenn” (when, if) and “weil” (because) also behave in this way.

Sorry if I got anything wrong! Hope it helps:)

Ich verlasse mich auf alle Deutschmuttersprachler, vielleicht einmal eine bessere Antwort zu geben!:slight_smile:

Thank you, Herr Kommissar, I couldn’t put it any better and precisely in brief. Skyblueteapot called the use of the comma before conjunctions (also before relative pronouns) the “German comma” (that’s where in English there usually is no comma).

Thank you HerrKommissar and alleray. There is more into those beginner’s lessons than I initially thought. So I guess, I’ll go over it till I have grasped the most of it. The structure of the sentences and the word order are a little difficult to me at first, because the lessons don’t come with aditional explanations. But I’ll find my way.

I hope you don’t bother if I make ocasional mistakes in english. It’s not my native language either.

Not at all. We all need to learn.:slight_smile: