Scheduling conversations

When I’m looking for speaking times and click on “Schedule” the window that shows the time appears not on the active screen. I have to scroll above. It is a little bit confusing I think.

Hi Vera,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I can’t seem to find any problems. What browser are you using? Also, can you send a screen shot?

Hi Mark,

I use IE7. I have send you a video which shows the problem. I hope it arrived?

I haven’t got it yet, Vera. Did you use Jing for the video?

Sorry, that was me. I was testing something in another account!

Sorry, first it was a problem with my email provider. And now with your provider. It’s too big. Now it’s late. I try it tomorrow.
I don’t know Jing.

Jing,, is a great free tool for taking screenshots and making screencasts (videos). Plus, the videos are hosted on their site so you only need to email a url.